Autism Assessments

Dr. Bailey offers comprehensive autism assessments. She has been a lead evaluator for the California Regional Centers for a number of years and her expertise is frequently called upon for difficult differential diagnosis cases.  
Dr. Bailey not only is able to provide her extensive knowledge of developmental disorders and clinical knowledge to each assessment but with her own experience with her two children on the spectrum. This places her in a unique position to provide personal support and advocacy for each family.
Dr. Bailey follows the complete assessment process for identification of autistic disorders as outlined by the stringent California Department of Developmental Disabilities Best Practices. This usually includes several sessions, as a person may present differently on separate days. Also, she may complete a school observation when necessary.

In California, Dr. Bailey is an evaluator with the following Regional Centers:

Westside Regional Center
5901 Green Valley Circle #320  
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 258-4000
South Central Los Angeles Regional Center
650 W Adams Blvd #200  
Los Angeles, CA 90007
(213) 744-7000

She collaborates with the patient’s school, psychiatrist, primary care physician and other providers.

In Florida, Dr. Bailey can come to your site for the assessment.