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Dr. Bailey is a licensed clinical psychologist with active practices in several states. She has been in the field for over 20 years and received her doctorate from Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Chicago with an emphasis in Health Psychology.

Her vast career includes crisis team work, individual and family therapy, psychological assessments, public speaking and teaching. She has taught at community colleges, Pepperdine University, Ryokan College and is currently on staff at Arizona State University in its Doctorate of Behavioral Health Program. Her extensive knowledge of available therapies, in conjunction with her knowledge of public systems and agencies, allows for expert clinical diagnoses as well as provision of individually prescribed therapy recommendations.

In addition to her private practice, Dr. Bailey has a special interest in the field of Autism. She has two children who are on the spectrum and as a result, she is passionate about helping families with children with special needs.

Dr. Bailey is also a breast cancer survivor. Being trained as a health psychologist prepared her with the knowledge to help patients with chronic and terminal issues; her experience as a patient with her own illness gave her a unique perspective to provide unparalleled compassion.

Dr. Bailey is the author of Pink Hell: Breast Cancer Sucks, her new book recently released about her personal journey with breast cancer. She adds her own sense of Seinfeld-style humor to help women, and men alike, relate to her unique experience.

Meet Our Team

Sara Stokes, M.Ed LinkedIn Sara

Sara Stokes is a therapist specializing in counseling children and teens. She earned both a Master Degree in School Counseling and a Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in counseling and human development from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Sara is experienced in working with children in a myriad of settings through schools, camps and private settings. She has counseled children from grades Kindergarten to 12th grade and has extensive experience with working with children with special needs and learning impairments. Sara has a passion for mentoring children and young adults and has worked diligently to ensure her passion and career collides. One of her lifelong inspirations continues to be her younger brother with down syndrome who has taught her that everyone has the potential to learn, just in their own way and timing.

Pink Hell: Breast Cancer Sucks – Dr. Melissa Bailey Amazon Seal

Laughter Can Be the Best Medicine!

The call no woman wants to get, when you hear your doctor say, “I’m sorry you have breast cancer.” While this was the beginning of Dr. Melissa Bailey’s breast cancer journey, she didn’t let the “pink hell” of it all get the best of her.
In her new book, Pink Hell: Breast Cancer Sucks, Dr. Bailey shares the unique story of her breast cancer journey through her Seinfeld-type humor in the ups and downs of “pink hell.”

Order your copy of Pink Hell: Breast Cancer Sucks on Amazon.com in paperback or Kindle format.

Payment Methods

For your convenience, Dr. Bailey is on a number of insurance panels, which makes her an in-network provider for many panels
  • Blue Cross of California
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • United Healthcare
  • Most PPO insurances
  • Medicare
  • Magellan (California only)
  • ILWU
  • Value Options

Many times a one-time letter of agreement can be obtained from an insurance company for Dr. Bailey’s specialty services. 

If you use insurance, many services require pre-authorization – particularly psychological testing.

Things to remember about insurance:
–  You may have a co-pay for services.
–  You may have an unmet deductible – services will be out of pocket until that deductible is met.
–  Your insurance may only allow so many sessions per calendar year.
–  Your insurance may require that you get authorization, such as with EAP sessions.

To schedule your first appointment, please email  Dr. Bailey. Once you have completed the forms and sent them to Dr. Bailey, she forwards them to her biller, Seven Star Billing, who then calls to get authorization for services. Once authorization is obtained, an appointment is scheduled.

Dr. Bailey also accepts cash, check or credit cards. When paying cash, payment is due prior to or at the time of the session by contacting Seven Star Billing. Insurance Discounts Apply.


  • $250 for initial session/intake/treatment planning
  • $175 for each session thereafter
  • $200 for psychological testing per hour
  • $200 for forensic consultation/testifying with a four-hour minimum
  • Extended sessions available
  • Group/surgery center/physician discounts available

Dr. Bailey’s billing services are handled by Seven Star Billing. All requests for more information, billing and payment inquiries should be directed to Seven Star Billing.
Rachel Vasquez
Billing Administrator
(424) 772-1664
(424) 224-7559 Fax